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Card Based Casino Games

While online casino games are a relatively new phenomenon, people have been betting on games of luck for hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Early civilizations scattered bones, runes, and eventually dice, and bet on the outcomes, trading everything from food and possessions to titles and relationships. Betting on card games is just the newest form of this human fascination with luck and odds.

Delayed Origins

Card games could not develop until it became common practice to read and write among the educated but non-religious classes. Though most cards involve very simple numbers or symbols, until modern times, it was unusual for those outside of the clergy to have access to any written form of communication. The earliest reports of card games, then, did not emerge until fairly recently.

Earliest Claims

The earliest reports of card games, then, didn't come around until the 12th century AD. Egyptian sultans reportedly used decks of cards very similar to the ones we play with today. These decks had 52 cards, but they were divided into 13 suits instead of the common 4 seen today. Various games were played with these decks, and they spread to European nations as the Crusades passed through that part of the world. By the 14th Century, Europeans were regularly playing and betting on card games as a common pastime.

Several of the card designs in use today find their roots in 17th century France, with the suits, face cards, and numbering systems fully developed. Though many of the individual card-based casino games have emerged since that time, they all have their roots in those games played centuries ago.