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Changes to UIGEA

American fans of online casinos are no doubt familiar with the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act or UIGEA. The law passed in 2006 prevents most American citizens from engaging in any form of internet gambling by stripping them of the right to finance their games. The Internet Game Licensing and Control Act as proposed in 2008 would have made a few changes to that law.

Proposed Changes

Senate Bill S3616 was introduced by Senator Robert Menedez in the 110th Congress. The bill attempted to redefine many of the games that were restricted under the UIGEA. If they were classified as skill games, they would be exempt from the UIGEA and casinos could receive special licenses that would allow them to offer the games to American consumers. The casinos would also have to take steps to prevent those games from leading to gambling addictions and also prohibit minors from accessing the online games.

Benefit to Fans of Online Gambling

Many fans of online gambling heralded the IGLCA as a workable solution to the problems caused by the UIGEA. Whereas the previous law made no distinction between the various different classes of online games, the IGLCA was much more specific, doing more to protect gamblers than prohibit all gaming activity. Casinos would be able to work with the US regulators to provide safe and reliable online entertainment, and the customers would get to enjoy their favorite games again.

Unfortunately the IGLCA failed to pass in the US Congress and died without ever being voted on. Senator Menendez has not forgotten the issue, though, and will likely revisit the bill when current economic crises in the United States are resolved.