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Beginning Of Online Gambling

The beginning of online gambling began in 1994 with the Antigua Barbuda governing body ruling to pass the "Free Trade and Processing Zone Act" This basically authorizes the government to issue gambling licenses to ant group or individual who wants to start a business in Internet casino.

This law paved the way for the beginning of online gambling to flourish. In the beginning we could say, that even after the passage of this law, there was no software yet developed to facilitate the profitability of operating online casinos. It wasn't long after the beginning of online gambling encountered this minor setback that software developers began designing programs that would form the foundations of the online gaming industry. In 1996, the very first online casino was established and became available to players all over the entire world through the Internet.

Through 1996-1998 the beginning of online gambling began to exhibit expansion that upgraded the online gaming industry. The development of more sophisticated software to handle different games simultaneously greatly benefited the online casinos and doubled the number of customers as the tremendous growth of the Internet made online gaming accessible to a vast majority of people around the globe.

While the beginning of online gambling began muscling its way within the gaming community in such a short period, opponents to its success began to proliferate. Senator John Kyl the Republican senator from Arizona authored a bill in 1998 called the "Internet Gambling Prohibition Act"; needless to say this bill was buried in the House of Representatives and never got a chance to see the light of day.

The humble beginning of online gambling has grown into an estimated $1 billion dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. Despite growing political opponents from conservative sectors of the House of Representatives, no act was ever successful or had even little chance of ever being enacted into law to stop the major revenue powerhouse of online gambling.